crossmember cunudrum

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ok so here goes, i scored a hatchback from a friend of mine in VA a couple of months ago, 90 b18a w/ 5speed from same car, skunk2 coils, integra wheels, its ratty but put together good. Anywoo, i live in Charleston SC and driving a lowered car downtown takes some skill to be able to get around down there. So there i am pulling away right from a stop sign and WHACK, stopped dead in my tracks. i get out to find an exposed manhole about 4in off the ground where the asphalt had sunk in around it. It ripped my hands off the wheel at problem 3mph, hard hit. i stop the car and get out to see that my left front wheels now lives 3in back from where it used to live and the crossmember bent to hell. The crossmember thats on it is aftermarket, what one it is, is still a mystery to me and the guy i bought it from, i've tryed to research all the ones i could find on the internet but nothing thats being made now looks like this one. Not that this ones one off or anything but the crossmember has a rectangular crossbar where as most have a single round or dual round bars, plus no marking on it to tell what it is or who makes it. i went today and picked up a stock crossmember (cringe) to put back in it. my q is what do i need to do to it to make it work with the b18a? its running a stock manifold and someones mount kit but i don't think that matters. anyways sorry for the story but i need help before i put it back together and get stuck on something easy i should have done before-hand. thanx
It should bolt right up, u just dont use the front mount on b series engines in a 88-91 crx/civic, i just picked up an avid racing crossmember also check out ebay.
Do you have a front motor mount on the tranny? If not, then no, there should be no mods and long as you have the tension bars on the stocker.