Crower Cams In My B18b1

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Hey Guys

Im trying to make the fastest N/A car that I can..this is including a non-Vtec car, so I want to stay with my B18b engine. This winter my plans are to tear down my engine and install b16a or maybe some JE pistons, along with getting it blueprinted and balanced, and maybe a bore if its needed.

Also I plan on buying Crower Cams and a Crower valve train, including new valves, valve springs, and retainers. Now do any of you know if doing the street/strip cams will make much of a difference. I have heard that the difference is very noticable and that it feels as if the engine is now a Vtec engine(similar powerband) there any truth in this, and is it worth my money to do these mods to my car

I need some help here, because up where I live there aren't too many people that know anything about cars....thanks

youre building an ls head for na?

don't waste yor money dude. the ls head is fine for turbo cars, but if youw ant to go na, even I, the VTEC hater of all, say slap a vtec head on it
Well I was going to get the Vtec head on it, but it seems like too much work to get it put on and all running smoothly...i am on a budget and it just doesn't fit in...With the Crower built Ls I can have money to get my body kit installed and maybe buy a shorter tranny..well maybe not that much left but if I don't like the Ls Crower built then I'll just throw a zex kit on there...all I have to say is a sunfire with a couple of mods done (intake and exhaust no internals) with a 75hp zex kit can run a 14.5 1/4 mile at a high elevation, and he's one of the fastest at the local track...I know thats sad but it's not bad for a town thats only like 50,000 red necks....I just wanna keep up with that...Do you think I can with the LS Crower built???
the ls motor is weak. the transmission's differential is weak.

what car do you have?

if i were you i'd save your money and go with a vtec...b16a or b18c. you'll be happier and not throwing your money into a motor that has such limited potential.
At high elevations the advantage a turbo car has over a NA car is much greater than at low elevations... are you sure you want to do all the work to try and get your car to match a nitrous car, running all motor? All your efforts for building it up NA will probably cost the same as bolting on a pre-made turbo kit... and make less power to boot. The turbo can be done in a weekend without pulling your engine, while boring/blueprinting/balancing will require quite a bit of downtime... and again, probably cost just as much as a turbo setup.