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I have a b16 with the greddy setup and was thinking about the crower stage 2 cams, has anyone had any experience with these?
they are pretty good cams. just make sure yo have the valve train to hold them, as they are much higher lift than stock.
hey, thanks, i called crower but the guy over the phone sounded like he wasn't really even listening to me and he just wanted to sell the cams. You wouldn't know of anyone who as them or of any reviews on the net that would have some dyno figures, would you?
see crower has some dyno sheets for the n/a cams but none for f/i, i bet it is cause all the different setups that you could have with f/i, but my thought is atleast let us know that these cams are for real and show one dyno so we can go from there.
the 401t are a mild cam- basically, its going to shorten duration slightly, if not keeping it the same, and up the lift a few for better turbo air in/out functions

the 402t are still a moderate cam- very streetable. near-stock duration, much higher lift.

as for no dyno's, i think yo uare right with the boost setups being all different.

IMO, on a small turbo: 14g, t3 or smaller go with the 401t
on a med- to big turbo: t3/t4, t4+ , go with the 402t or something even bigger
the 400 are the stock replacement and 401t is the stage 2, right. so the 402t are those like a stage 3?
i have an TD05H-18G ,so you would go 401t with that one?
oh i see your cam product id are for the ls the dohc numbers are a little different.
hey i didn't tell you i have a 97' delsol vtec, bought it of the lot. runs great with that
greddy kit(the kit for the civic si). You also have a sol, right? it is good to see some
performance sols.
yeah i have a sol, goin 2.0 gsr/t with it shortly

if i were you, id run the 402ts and upgrade the turbo :)
but if you dont plan to upgrade, get the 401t's