CRV P1457 Check Engine Light Evap Solenoid

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So I ran into a recurring P1457 CEL this summer. 2003 Honda CRV with about 125k miles.
I would erase it and roughly 2 days later it would be back. EVAP system never made it out of NOT READY status before throwing the CEL.
Internet research and youtube videos lead me to believe the problem might be related to the EVAP solenoid.
I was able to drop the canister from mounting hardware, just enough to get the 2 rusted screws out with small vice grips. The Denso Solenoid appeared to be OE and very rusty. I knew it was a gamble as I didn't actually test power/ground electrical connections, or verify there was a leak there with the smoke machine, but for $35 shipped from Amazon next day, I was willing to roll the dice.
Once I removed the old solenoid I did a simple leak test by spraying it with windex and putting a finger over the inlet, and blowing into the outlet. The top of the solenoid blew bubbles similar to this video.
Skip the whole video and just go to the very end.
Probably should have done the windex test BEFORE ordering a new part, but so it goes. I didn't want to have to take the thing out twice, and was not aware of the windex trick on the first time around.
It's been 3 days now. EVAP system is now is "READY" status on my OBD2 code scanner, something I have not seen in probably 2-3 months. I know the evap codes are very temperature sensitive, and it will be back into the 80's towards the end of this week in NY, but I'm fairly confident I have this gremlin sorted out.
Throwing this up here in case someone searches for the same trouble code. Do your own testing of course, but if the solenoid is rusted, there is a pretty good chance this will fix the problem.
I probably could have cleaned and resealed the top plate, but for $35 its not really worth having to get under the car multiple times chasing it.
One week update. Temps have been up into the 80's.
Tank has been empty and full.
Still no evap code, and evap system still shows READY.
I'll consider this a success.

I didn't even get to use the ebay smoke machine I bought for this. Even between the part and the "smoke machine" it was still cheaper to fix it myself than to take it to the stealership for a diagnostic.
I'll call this a win.

Tomorrow I'll tackle the transmission fluid DSO(dump some oil) and refill 3x.
Seems a wasteful procedure but I'll throw ~$100 bucks at it.
Follow up update 7 weeks later.
Sold the car on Monday, still no CEL issues with temperatures ranging from the 80's to the low 30's so I would consider the problem solved.
Easy enough fix. Highly recommend.