Crvtec, The Final Ruling

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I know it was said by cal that the crvtec is not legal in cali. However I have been in contact with some friends, and some shops. (I am in a autoclub at the college I attend) I keep hearing that it is legal.

Can someone give me a final word, and point to some ruling in the cal smog laws?



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Ah yes, the huge bold face underlined text is just the factual proof I needed..

btw thanks to 92b16vx for saying the head thing.. Is there way to get around this?


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Actually 2lEG living there and building motors is good enough,but how were you supposed to know :D Anyway,I don't live there,but the CARB doesn't seem like they are a flexible organization,so I doubt you could get away with it as a street car.


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i think if you do a crv swap first b20 non vtec then as long as that meets the requirements for your car same yr newer etc and you get the sticker saying you have that motor in your car and THEN you do the head swap you can get away with it just an idea though
or sleeve a gsr/type=r block whos gonna know anyways lol


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If your in cali, the head swap makes it illeagal but doing a bored out gsr will give you the same affect as a crvtec (plus proboally withstand better, and have better cooling) but still stay legal.


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I am kinda sad about this, I was quoted 4,000.00 for a nice crvtec swap including new pistons, V-AFC and muffler/intake. Would have been pretty nice. So now I looking at either a GSR or a very built B16. :( Might be able to do some nice suspension work with 4,000.00 and an B16.. Only time will tell.

2 litre EG

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if i sounded like a dick, my bad... its illegal but why does it matter? i have a 2 litre LS/VTEC [not registered yet cause i dont have insurance]... a couple of my buddies are running around town with the same set up as me, minus a few things... if your worried about getting smogged, that can always be taken care of

if you really need help and really want a CR/VTEC in your ride, let me know and i can get your car illegally smogged if you need it



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word! you'll be suprised how many hybrids around cali run around "illegally" I live in san diego and I know a handful of them running around. From ef's with b16 swaps to eg's with b20/vtecs running around. So if you REALLY want to do it, it can be done..


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It isn't smoging that has me worried, I would like to get it legal is all :(

i was thinking of putting in a stock crv engine and reffing it, then swap the head after the intial smog.