CRX/B-Series Parts For Sale!

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This is a Pre-Blowout BLOWOUT Sale. Im planning on parting the rest of my car out, But these are the first wave of parts that I am Selling, They are all parts that have either been installed and only used for under 100 miles, or are brand new Never installed. I also have reciepts for all these items, All purchased withing last 2 years AS FOLLOWS: (Dont Forget To Click The Link At Bottom, ALL PICTURES POSTED)

1. 65MM JG Edelbrock Throttle Body. For Any B-Series Motor. Also Includes a KMS Map Sensor Blocking Plate, Just in case You dont have the Map sensor on the Throttle Body. Item was Installed and only used for under 100 Miles, Practically Brand New. Asking $200.

2. 90-91 OBD0 Acura Integra LS Distributor (TD-23U) Bought it Brand New Off Ebay from Distributor King. Also Installed for Under 100 Miles. Asking $160.

3. JDM Power Window Setup from a JDM EF CRX. Bought off friend who never installed it, And Neither did I. Included Both Side Controls, Window Lifters, and all wiring. I also Have 2 Wire Power Door Actuators that I will Throw in. For Whole Setup, Asking $180.

4. AEM Cam Gears For an Acura Integra LS. Brand New, IN BOX, Never Installed. BLUE IN COLOR. Also come with the keys needed to lock in place. Asking $140.

5. AEM Warm Air Intake For 90-93 Integra's and 88-91 CRX's. Installed and used for Under 100 Miles. Asking $65.

6. STR Competition Fuel Rail for 90-93 Acura Integras. RED IN COLOR. Never Installed. Asking $75.

7. Brand New Never Installed Timing Belt for any B18A1 Motor. Asking $45.

8. JDM Amber Corner Lenses for 88-89 CRX's. Used for Under 100 Miles. Asking $25.

9. 2 Gauge Pillar Pod. Asking $20.

10. Front Lower Strut Bar. Asking $20.

All Prices Are Negotiable and do not include shipping, depending on where u live Ill let u know the actual shipping cost for each item., PM ME If Interested.

Click On the Following Link to View Pictures of All These Items: BLOWOUT PHOTO ALBUM!


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Are you parting out the whole crx? If so i need the wheel liner for all 4 wheels and the engine splash gaurd. Let me know, thanks!


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No, This is what im doing, Im selling the parts i have off the motor right now. Then im taking the motor out this weekend and selling the rest. And im selling the Shell as is.


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where are you located and how much to ship the pwr window setup to 14219 in NY? also, do you have the pwr window door pannels?


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No, No Door Panels. everything is in the pic, Except the 2 Wire Actuators (Power Locks). The actuators are aftermarket, Im throwing those in with the deal. But the switches, Lifters, and All the wiring is all included.


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Are you selling the shell as a whole (ie with all interior parts)? If not I would be interested in the interior door panels. Which model crx is it, si?


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a VOUTCH for a good seller!
quick shippin and extremly good packaging.
(good packaging or a giant spider got a hold of it during shipping..
took me 10 min's to cut the wraping off the linkage :p )