Crx dx... Hf... SI...


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ok i was trying to figure out what type of 1986 crx i have. i'm pretty sure its a dx but whe ni look at the engine vin it's EW2. But i can't find that honda made a EW2 engine. then i decided to look up the vin on carfax and carfax came back saying my car was a 1500cc si. My car was made in japan and i have a 12 valve carb in it so wut type is it can anybody help
the si motor is an EW4.
i don't know about the other models though... but its def not an si. si = sport injected, and thus, doesn't have carbs.


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sounds like a dx to me You can take the vin to a honda dealership and have them run it for you be nice they will help you out. go after lunch they are happier then I know i use to work for them
save the hassel- just go to

you don't have to buy anything. just plug in your vin to the first screen- and it will say something like "Hi- there are XXXXX reports about your 1986 crx XXX. click here to buy the report"


any chance someone took an SI and converted it to the jdm carbed version?
just an idea

look up the vin translator...
as in frist number represented country of origiin, second letter/numeral represents model type or whatever
i forget what they all are now but i know one of them represents the engine, one rep's the tranny, and anothe rep's the model

good luck


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once again i got a confusing answer by doing that i looked up the vin and the info i got was it was made in suzuka japan plant, 1986, 1500cc crx 5 speed 3 door gl gls or lX like it's messed my friend has an 87 crx and his engine is a D15A2 and looks the excat same as mine but why all this other crap that doesn't match up


uhm, i think someone has been under the hood dude, sounds way too much like a cluster fuck to not have been fucked with

whats the stamping on the block?
whats the engine ID plate say by the headlights under the hood?
whats the letters on the back of the car say?

is it MPFI, or did it have MFPI at one time?
does it have sun roof?
does it have a center console that wraps down around the shifter?

you wanna buy an EW4 si motor, trans, and ecu to do a swap in it?
give you a good deal
easy to do DIY turbo setup too

someone buy this EW4 from me, lol
sorry for jacking your thread