Crx Hf Problem....

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my front right wheel on my 89' HF has a bit of a camber problem and i was wondering how hard it would be to fix? should i try to fix it myself? and are those cheap camber kits on ebay any good or is it like that old saying get what you pay for???? plz any help would be REALLY appreciated...thnx ;)


Mad scientist
If it's just one wheel, and you haven't lowered it- it sounds like something is broken. You might want to look into frame repair instead of a camber kit, although the camber kit would probably work.

Are you lowered or not?


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indeed, look into a serious problem with your suspension. If it's lowered Ditto on Calesta, get it looked at or buy a camber kit. Camber kits are pretty standard and simple, I'd say it's hard to find REALLY shitty ones. If your not on the track I'd just pick up the cheapest one I could find.
it could be he is talking about the inherent front right (i thought it was left) wheel camber limitation found on older hondas of that generation. its was mentioned to me by a mechanic at a shop once. its no big deal. just like a degree out of factory spec. he said its common to alot of hondas from that generation. only way to fiix it was to get a camber kit. i never got it fixed. it wont do anything anyway except bug you if you think about it, i guess.

of course, he could be talking about something else entirely.


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its the front right tire and my car is lowered but when i got the car it had the camber problem and later on i lowered it so what difference would it make :unsure: that it's lowered???


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It sound more like a serious problem. Instead of trying to fix it with a camber kit, if you're mechanically inclined just take a look at it and see what's wrong or take it to a shop.