Crx Hf ?'s

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Hey all, wuts up,
I just joined this site, and it is awsome, ive learned sooooooo much already.
I just had a few ?'s on the CRX HF All Motor build up article. It says to put a dx head on to the existing block, i was wondering if you could use a sohc/non-vtech head from an si or ex or if the dx is the only one that works well. You see I bought the car 1 year ago w/ plans to do a b16 right away, well resorces here in kansas city are few and the ones that are good, try to screw you b/c u r a kid, and they think u r stupid or something. So i was gonna give that article a try, i already have a python injections computer, i was just lookin for head info. Oh yes and what year is considered a 4th gen civic? is it 92-95 or 96-98? Any help on building my car up would be much appreciated.


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I just joined this forum today and I own a crx hf as well. The only differance i see with the Si head (i have no idea about the EX) is that the Si's are built with the 1.6L block, while the DX and HF have the same 1.5L block. I agree with you, an Si head would be better (you would think being multi point fuel injected) Having differant blocks may have something to do with not being able to interchange them. Of course I always here of the LS/vtec swap with B16 head slapped on a B18 block, but i don't know if that's differant, i could be way off. Seems to me that if your willing to spend 400 dollars and all that time to swap things in your engine you would just put up a couple more hundred bucks and go with a ZC ??? I have no idea what shape your car is in and how many miles it has on it, but it's been my experience that these cars usually have a LOT of mileage on them. I would think it to be worth it to just put up a couple more hundred dollars to get an engine with much less mileage on it for the price. Good luck, one bitter sweet about these cars is that the possibilities are endless, all depending on how much time and money you wanna spend.


*only one more week until my B16 is here :rolleyes: