crx problem

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hi! paul here. i have been reading the stuff at this site for months but only joined a month ago. i have an 87 crx with a bad carb and a devac job. it has over 250000 miles on it and motor is tired, so i bought a 91 crx with a good motor but rolled and slid and then made a hornet class race car .. i bought it like that for the extra good running gear and wow motor and the fact it had every thing (wiring harness fuel tank and everything)to make it a compleat swap i thought .. so now i find i need more so im wondering ..(dangerous im sure) is there some way to just put the whole thing under my crx with out the expense of more parts? im extra creative and do swaps all time but on american iron so need some creative ideas with out to much expense .. time is of no concern but the bucks are lol . i have even thought about cutting em apart at the floor line and switching the whole body so i need help bad!! lol .. hey thanks! from paul in s.w. idaho


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Hey Paul, you made your post in the wrong section. I guess you could say you were very close to posting in the right section. Best of luck in solving your problem though. :thumbsup:


I moved this out of the sticky.


you're gonna have a rough time with that swap

the motor mounts on those 2 motors are completely different
the 88+ bolts to the side of the motor and the 87- bolts off the front of the block
not sure on the other mounts but i bet they won't line up right either

after you figure that mess out you'll need to hob job that whole wireharness into your first gen crx, for the ecu, and the fuel pump, etc
might be more of a task than you're willing to undergo on such an old car

you'll have much better luck if you found yourself a first generation integra, preferably 86-87 with the brown top valve cover

this swap is covered in the 1st gen crx FAQ that can be found in our reference or swap materials


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well i am about to take my 88 and debody it and put a nissan pickup cab on the floor pan and a three foot flat bed .. unless somebody knows how to put a 87 body on an 88 running gear ... i havent compleatly gave up on just cutting along the bottom edge and putting the 87 down on whats left and cut and bend till it kinda fits and at least say i did it .. but nobody seems very eager to say ya that will work lol .. i would like a little help in where i should post this too so if its in the wrong place tell me where it should be ... no not there ,, i mean in which posting thread