Crx Si for sale in PA


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89 CRX si for sale. Im looking to do a trade for any honda (civic, del sol, PRELUDE) if its a prelude it can just be the shell

-16" TSW Rims
-Full exhaust
-AEM Cold air intake
-DC Strut
- and a bunch of other things

the pictures basically how the car looks now. it runs and drives good when its together. i would recomend dollying it home but im sure we could get it together to drive it home if u really wanted to, its just since its all apart it might take time. i really would love to keep the car i just dont have the time to finish putting it back together, im very picky on how kits look and i would need it professionally done or i would hate it.

oh yeah also the car was just at the bodyshop getting the dents and rust removed, CAR HAS NO DENTS OR RUST, it cost me $1300 i still have the receipts.

im not looking for any specific price, i really would rather a trade, all trades open. im willing to pay extra if its like a prelude or something along those lines. im also able to help u tow it to were it needs to go, i know people with trucks.
here are some pictures-

sunroof has no rust

12" rockford sub in a bandpass box

mugen side skirts

no dents along side

no dents either

mugen rear

no rust

mid pipe

interior shot

interior shot


blitz kit


engine bay

4 tsw rims

eclipse541 - aim [email protected] -- email


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BUMP. I'll consider all trades! if its worth more then my car i may throw up cash soo let me know what you got. BIKES TOO!


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i got a 89 prelude si with lots of mods pushin 205 whp 11.2 sec 1/4 mile
call 8432009422 if interested and more details