Crx Swap

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Hello I'm new to the site, but it seems to be awesome for swap info. I have a 91 crx hf, I was wondering what exactly do I have to do to use the d16 vtec in my car? I know I can use the same tranny if I want to. But what about the wire harness, injectors, and what should I do with the egr system? Any info whould be greatly appreciated.
well, with a 1967 lb car, i would go with the b16a or ls motor... wiring will be very simple because your wiring is the same as an Si. if you are tight on money, you might want to try looking into the ZC motor instead of the d16z6 or d16y8 vtec motors... you will be very happy with the ZC if you decide to go that route and you would want to run an Si tranny unless you plan on boosting it then you would be much better off using a longer geared tranny such as your HF or a DX tranny.
I did a D16z6 swap into my 90 crx si (D16 Vtec as you call it) and to be honest with you, as quick as it is (slightly modded) it's not as fast as I wanted it to be. If your gonna go through the whole swapping thing, save your money and go with a b16 like he said!!! Much more HP, and TQ. Torque is something which a D16z6/Y7/Y8 has almost none of. i get 1 other person in my car and it is slower than shit. trust me man, take your time and save!!!!! FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR HAPPINESS!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!
oh yea, by the way, DO NOT USE YOUR HF TRANNY!!! You will be really upset if you do that swap and use the same tranny. The HF tranny (as i'm sure you know) is designed for fuel economy. You will notice that your gears are spaced very far apart. In a Si, or Z6 tranny, you have "closed" gears as some people like to call them, where your gearing is much closer together and much better for racing. Its worth the extra money to get a new tranny. Which, when your done, you will have spent almost enough money for a B16.