Crx Swap

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Junior Member
Did anyone make a crx engine swap for hondas s2000 engine?
How does it work, is it possible?


first of all anything is possible if money is not an issue but, the drivetrain on the s2000 is rear and you would have to convert everything. it would be very difficault to perform this i think. plus if i was going to do this i would make a crx suburu all wheel drive wrx crx :worthy:


Senior Member
it would be a super expensive swap, and would need a lot of custom fabrication to make it work. Is it worth it? Yes, if your dream car is a crx with an s2k motor in it and you have a butt load of cash to blow on it.
so if i were you i would look into a b18c5 or b20 vtec.
good luck...


Junior Member
But could you tell me how much does it cost?