Crx Swap

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My girlfriend has this american crx (we live in canada, so the us and can crx are different). Her crx is lowered and really tight(her body too, if you guys wonder)!
I would like to know what would be the best swap for the crx, she wants pur power to do a little of street racing, and be able to kick a little butts out there. I told her that a Acura GSR Motor would be great, and probably the best swap, since it's a great motor and the price of the swap is not too high. But i would like the opinion of you guys on that ?? Would a B20 be a better swap?? Let's forget the TypeR too high of a price. What would be the other motor that would give great power. For the moment, she's not planing on putting a Turbo and/or Supercharger.

Anyways, tell me what you guys think would be the best motor.
Thanks Alot.
dropping a b18c into a crx, or any 4th gen for that matter, is a little tricky. not impossible, but could cause wiring headaches.

IMO, i would go with the b16a SiR. it can be had for cheap (1100 or so 450 for a mount kit) and will zip th little crx right along.

and post pics of your girl y0!