Crx Tire Pressure Question

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ok...have an 89 crx dx. tire pressures in owners manual say 32/32 for the dx. car came with 175/70r13's

now i have the same as the si's wheel and tire package (185/60r14's). owners manual says for si's, should be 28front/28rear.

which pressures should i go by? the guys who installed them at america's tire made them 32/32 but is that correct?
Try out different pressures until you find the one that you like best... optimal pressures vary from tire to tire. With my Dunlop SP8000s, I ran 33psi cold- with the S-03s I run 36psi cold. Try out different combinations front and rear to get the best combination of turn-in, ride quality, mileage, cornering and straight line traction, etc that you want.
I have an CRX Si, when i dont have my Mags on with proxxie T1's. i run the stock 185-60-14's at 30 Psi. SO ull b safe with 32.