crx w/ b16


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Finally fixed all the codes from the crx, just a quick wrap up, its a 90 crx si, with a 1st gen b16a with a pr3. No cat, no name catback exhaust and soon I'm getting a cold air intake and dc header, my question is what other bolt ons that don't cost too much money and aren't too difficult to add myself should I buy next. The car is completely gutted, one del sol seat, nothing else. All ac parts were taken out, so nothing is underneath dash except all essentials. The reason I'm asking this is because me and a friend are building this car just for fun on our spare time, and when we put the exhaust on and took it out for a spin, his car still beat it. He has a 95 eclipse gst with an injen intake and nothing more. I was surprised due to power to weight ratio, I expected the crx to leave him but didn't, so we just want to make it a little bit faster. Thanks for any help.


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camshafts are a breeze to install and sometimes you can get used ones for relativly cheap.