Crx W/built Zc Motor And Turbo

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hey guys. i hope you guys can answer my question. what do you think a crx w/a built zc motor and t3/t4 turbo would run in the 1/4 mile? im thinking about doing this and would really like some input. thanks.

also, how much wheel hp do you think ill be making with this set up?
Last week, I was at the tracks in englishtown NJ and I saw a 1986 civic hatch with a ZC engine running 10 Lbs of boost pull a 13.6 in a 1/4 mile. He did this with 16 inch wheels, no slicks!! It all depends on how you build the engine. Hope this helps a little.
you could in theory have it run 10s if you had the money...

but a zc motor with a turbo could also pull out a 15... it all depends on driver + motor and whats done to it
best way to find out is to do it.... That what im doing your never gonna have a good answer unless you just do it your self!