Crx won't start

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I have a 89 crx with a 95 b-18a motor swap. It's integra obd1 wiring harness inside and out. Got the car from step son ran when he got it! But decided to take it all apart I put it all back together making sure everything is right! I get spark i get fuel! But still won't start! Tried pretty much everything what else can it


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Fuel Spark Compression. If you have all of those check the timing belt is indeed not broken. dilbeckskate is correct about the thermostat housing ground-- this is for the ECU.
You say you have fuel and spark so main relay SHOULD be good. Distributor IGNITIOR should also be good IF you truely are getting spark.


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Here's a list to check. battery, starter, clutch switch, main relay, ignition switch, ground wire to transmission. My problem turned out to be a bad transmission ground. It looks fine when you look at it but it will go bad too. I spent a shit load of money replacing, starters, distributors, spark plugs, wires and main relays. My crx was down for 8 months. I thought the engine was locked up and almost bought another one. I tried one last thing and it started up. I added an extra ground wire. I bolted one end to the top of the starter and the other to the chassis, and it started.


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I have a 91 crx and it cranks but doesnt start no spark bought new timing belt check plugs and wires checked the grounds they seem to be good new dizzy different ecu still nothing it cranks but doesnt start


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check thermostat ground
I have checked the ground right and cleaned it up it was throwing code 15 but now its not i did a tranny swap to m/t and converted it to mpfi and the car hasnt started since so i put everything back to stock i checked the main relay the black and yellow wires are not getting voltage.