CTR Camshaft question

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OK, I fucked up...
I bought a CTR intake cam on Ebay for $200 brand new. I thought it was for both when I was bidding(thought I got em cheap)
Here's the question..
Do I need both the intake and exhaust cam, or can I just put the intake cam only on?
What would happen if I just put on the intake only?


As far as how much the B16A exhaust cam would hamper flow, I don't think it is bad. A lot of time people install just the intake cam anyway to save cost. I think the specs for both B16A and ITR exhaust cams are pinned in the ITR fraud thread at the top of this forum.
yea many people run just the intake cam.. i would search around for an exhaust cam on ebay and in forums and such.. you can probably get one cheap if your budget allows