Custom Fuel Lines

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Hey everyone, a friend of mine is trying to run a custom fuel cell fuel system for his turbo GSR, and was wondering how are the Anodized blue-red -8AN fittings mated to the stainless stell fuel lines without leaks?? Thanks guys, hope i was descriptive enough
well i guess i did mine a little ghetto but i do have to say it has worked for quite some time i used about 5 inches of 6an and used a brass adaptor from home depot step up the size to the 8an... and i just used the cool looking hose clamps that they make to look like the an fittings... and then for the filter pump and everything else i used 8an fittings

hope this helps ..... by the way i have been running this for 1 year and 6 months


the fittings are hose ends. you basically press them on.
stan at can probably set him up with a full kit.