custom made harness help


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ive got a rolling chassis 90 civic hb with a mini me d series and i want to run a pw0 ecu.

i need to make a harness to make it work, i have a pw0 ecu a d16z6 head + manifold + dizzy with a d16y7 bottom end.

so my main problem is finding out what goes where especially on the distributor what wires do what. ive got a pr3 pinout map but i have a pw0 are they the same? also it says knock sensor i dont have one obviously how do i fix it if i have a problem with it same with the o2 sensor.

i'd really appreciate it if someone could tell me where the wires from the ecu go to the corresponding place on the engine. thanks a lot



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what exactly do you mean by harness? do you not have one to begin with? the pw0 will plug into your stock connectors. the pinouts for the pr3 will be the same as the pw0. the ecu is looking for a knock signal 'cause the b16 that the ecu is made for came with one... you can just buy a knock sensor and plug it in and stash it somewhere so that i'll never hear knock... or you can look up online somewhere what signal the knock sensor gives to the ecu and maybe find some way to rig up some resistors or something to give it the signal it wants... maybe it just needs to be grounded? who knows. and what exacty is your problem with the o2 sensor? even if you get all that sorted out, that ecu still isn't gonna run that engine right. it's gonna be dumping too much fuel, the vtec points aren't going to be right for the cams and the stock rev limits will be too high for the valvetrain you've got in that head. if it was me, i'd get an obd1 distributor, 4 wire 02 and an obd0 -> obd1 conversion harness and run a p28 that would run that engine right. it might be a bit more money... but you'll have an ecu that will run that engine better and have much more tunability if you choose to chip the p28.

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