Cv Joint

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What's the typical cost to have the CV joint (right) replaced? Mine is out, I'm almost positive. I'll try the backwards driving in reverse to confirm it tomorrow, but I don't think the clicking/clunking sound is coming from anything else. It's not so bad on turns as it is on accelerating and slowing down.


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I always thought a test for CV joints was to crank the wheel to the right and take a turn, if you hear popping clicking then it's the passenger side, then turn the wheel to the left and repeat. etc..
never heard about driving in reverse for a bit.
if its the cv joint, it wil probly cost roughly $100-$150 per side...including labor. that is from an independent shop, not the dealer.


go under the front tires and check if the rubber is cracked open, if it is ur better off buying a rebuilt axel, other than repairing the cv joint, its alot easier


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It's fixed. I didn't want to screw up the axel since my stupid Haynes manual doens't even cover taking off the axels and cv joints. So $82, my cv joint was inspected, regreased, and a new boot put on. 1.5hrs of labor to pay. There went part of my tax return, oh well. At least the car is riding noticeably quieter.