CVCC accord: rebuild or swap?

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1979 accord CVCC 80k miles. Just weber swapped it and the headgasket went out. Replaced the head gasket and machined the head but leak is now worse. Should i pull and disassemble the whole engine and have the block resurfaced? Or is it better worth my time + money to swap in something like a b16? Researched a few builds, unsure if i can find a good welder to fab mounts and re-strengthen the frame after making the necessary room. Also nervous about wiring the electronics on an obd1. Any advice/ reccomendation/ expectable budget is appreciated. Thanks!


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Cool project. Not sure I'd dump b series money into it though if the frame has issues.

Did you machine it yourself or brought it to a machine shop?
I did it myself checking with a straight edge and using a peice of glass with really fine sandpaper glued on. I got the head alot closer than it was but the block was a little uneven still.
Oh and the frame has no issues. Just was researching other builds and i guess the frame rails in the engine compartment must be cut out and reinforced otherwise in order to make the necessary room
CVCC headgaskets are the worst. 3 head studs are stretch to yield. if you didn't replace them you would certainly get lift.
What's your decision for the project? Are you going to rebuild or swap it?
My plan is in the air but im focusing on other projects at the moment until i have the money to decide. Im thinking a motor swap is the way to go and im still debating between an obd1 b16 or d15, or just doing the head gasket and resurfacing since im already about 1000 bucks into the stock motor (new water pump, timing belt, tensioner, carburetor, emissions deleted, and a new stock fuel pump) but all this extra money for maybe 100hp has me hesitant. If i buy a welder and get invested (axles are my main concern with a swap) but it could be a sweet driver. Still hoping for some advice/ reccomendation.
you have to go into this knowing that it's a money pit and you'll never see a 10% of it back most likely.

Do it because you love the car and want to keep driving it.
Thank you, guys. I probably will go the safe route in the next couple weeks and get the original up and going. Truth be told, i never even got the carb jetted properly and likely have never felt even half power yet so maybe it will have more pep than im expecting haha. Maybe once it starts giving me more trouble ( hopefully years from now) ill start doing a swap