D Series Axles


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I have a 94 ex and I am going to give my axles to my sister, because I am puttin in a b16. She has a 96 lx and she needs axles. Will my axles fit her car? I told her that they would but her husband who is also a honda enthusiast said they won't. Anyone know for sure?


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Tell her husband he is a tard. Does she have ABS? If so and you don't then they will function, but the sensors won't have anything to rear, there for the ABS won't work.


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Yes, all d-series manual axles are the same. As for manual and automatic diffrences, the axles we pulled from the auto tranny of the auto to manual swap that I did, the big metal ends (the part between the shaft and the splines) looked diffrent, however, they were the same length and same number of splines. They would work, whoever, I don't know if there is a strength diffrence, so I just threw in my axles from my old manual d series tranny.

EDIT* as john said, if she has ABS and you dont, then here ABS will not work, unless for some reason you have bought axles before that have the ABS ring gear at the end. If you do have ABS and she does not, they will work no problem.
ABS isn't a problem if you run into it. The ABS ring is removable and interchangable between the two different axels. Just be gracefull when removing it! ;) It's soft aluminum.