d series civic

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I've got a d series y8 civic EX and i was wondering what would be a good easy going swap that would mount to my OEM transmission if any
The only decent one would be a D15 from Japan, but even that would only net you slightly more power. Why do you want to swap, but keep the OEM transmission?
eh broke, was just a wonder, i guess ill not cheap out it's tax season, ok whats a good one if i am willing to switch trannys
B18C1 or a B16A may swap well.

My God dude. Just stop posting on this site please. All the posts that I've ever seen from you are either idiotic or inaccurate. You contribute absolutely NOTHING to this community.

To the OP, a B-series engine will NOT bolt up to your OEM transmission. Don't listen to this idiot please...
I know they make H2B Adapter kits. Why not use the same concept?

D-Series transmission on a B-Series motor would be complete fail. With it's seemingly endless gears, the D-Series transmission is surely the turd of Honda transmissions.

To the OP: If you're looking for some more power right out of the box, a swap is where it's at. B18B1 with GSR or B16 tranny or just a GSR swap, done.

Read the Reference Materials section, it will work wonders for you.