D Series Stuff For Sale

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Make me a offer and i will ship for free!! i have the whole motor sitting under my car port. valve cover, intake manifold, everything thats inside the motor too.. make offer and if you want ill ship for free@!make me a offer on it, dont ask for a price. I also have a stock d series header and hollowed out cat...
hrmmmmmmm.....might be just what i need, how many miles and what year and model civic did it come out of???? lemme know asapizzle
out of a 89 crx hf.. 164,000 miles.... but i will not gaurntee the motor will work been sittn outside for abt 3 months... thats why i was gonna part the motor out... your choice let me know
nope, thanks anyway...i need like 96+ with lower miles....good luck with the sale