d series swap

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yeah, it's a vtec.
Hey guys whats up? I got a 89 crx with z6 mini me. The rings have about had it and the throttle keeps sticking, i'm about pissed by now. Seeing how I have everything already and on a tight budget due to construction and housing market, d series would be my better bet. I have been thinking the z6 would be best for stock power then later cam and boost. anyways, What engine would be best, dd with most power. I already have the z6 trans if that really matters.
Best would probably be the most expensive; and would also depend on your application.

Why not just get new rings and clean the TB?
Sems like too much work when it's easier to pull motor and trans out and in with the new. HMO can hook me up for around 600 an a z6 long block with few miles on it. I just need it for a daily driver. I use my rex for sound comps mainly.