d15 mini-me ?s


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i bought a z6 head and manifold recently and have a few questions. the d15 i'm putting it on is an 8valve d15b8 that is in a 95 cx. i'm wondering what my new redline will be and also what my cam options are. thanks guys.


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if you're running the P28 ecu (can't use the CX one), then you're rev limit is changed to 7600rpm. The cam options available for the head are many. Zex, Crower, Skunk2, you name it.
www.hadamotorsport.com has a great tech section that compares SOHC cams, check them out! They have dyno charts too with specs. Best of luck with the swap B)


not trying to rape your thread but i am considering the same swap...

what does everyone think about this mini-me setup?

now i know the first thing will be just get a B series, but honestly, what do you think about the power gains from a simple head swap?

and has anyone run dynos on this swap? is the 135 hp a true expectation...?


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I've seen varied Dynos, but they typically are around 120hp at the wheels with I/H/E combo on them. For the money it takes to do this swap, the gains can't be beat. $200 for the head and between $50-150 for the ecu and various other parts put you in at around $500-600. Remeber though, your gaining 50hp for only $500! If you have the means, I highly suggest it B)