D15..VTEC into a D15 Non VTEC,.

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need inof on swaping a D15 16 vavle motor out of a 93 ciciv and puttting a D15 VTEC in ,,,will l have any wireing issues and what will they be ,,,please help....


yeah vtec solenoid, vtec pressure, and ground

thats it i think, check the refrences and find out what the ECU pin outs are.
shouldnt be too hard make sure you get the vtec ecu. depending on your car there should be some pre made holes in your fire wall you can run them through. when i did my SIR swap into the rex i had to run 4 wires. but i also have to sensors in my headers for some reason. they have a ecu pin out here for all ecu's im assuming your running a obd0 if not i dont know what to tell ya besides good luck