d15b vtec not working HELP PLEASE

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i swapped a JDM d15b into my car.My old d15b7 died . i am runnin a chipped p06 . but the problem is that i dont have vtec wired up and i cant find any write ups about how to wire it up to the computer i have 1993 honda civic dx .
Ignore it. Only 96 and up had knock sensor IIRC, and IAB was on the Integra GSRs.

Your car should already have EVAP(purge solenoid), but you can leave it unhooked or swap to your old B7 manifold.

K2e2vin is dead on. A4 and D6 are the only wires you need to really worry about. You'll see one wire coming off the pressure sensor and two off the solenoid. I cut the black wire on the solenoid long enough back to put an eye-lit connector on it and loop it back to the solenoid to ground it to one of the two solenoid bolts. Pretty straight forward, just don't rush it.