D15b2 obd0 ----> D15b obd1

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Sooo hears the scoop.

Little background on me, i usually work on the usual chevy stuff so pretty new to the honda scene but learning alot real real quick now....

My buddy bought a crx cause he had one as a kid and wanted another one.

Now im told he took his old D15b2 engine out and bought a D15b Jdm engine out of a si i think.

so far he has all the parts, the conversion harness
the obd1 vtech computer
now we run into a problem, ive search and search but cant find anything, and the website where i got the harness from is down (rywire.com)

one of the plugs was wrong that i got for my distributor. so im maken due with it and trying to just solder them together. im using my stock obd0 harness and my new obd1 disrtibutor and i dont know what wires go to where. ive been told that you just color match them but would like to know for sure.

Also what do i do to convert the DPFI to MPFI. do i need a resistor box with my D15b SI JDM engine?

any help would be great.

Thanks, Cliff