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ok I got a 90 civic with a d15b2 , and I think there is a head off of something that I can get for cheap ,and it will help me alot ,I just can't remember which one it is, so refreshh my memory so I don't have to look it up
and if you know how much it will add please tell me
Originally posted by zacdaddy@Dec 21 2002, 02:11 PM
refreshh my memory so I don't have to look it up

ok so let me get this right... your too lazy to do research... you admit it... and we're supposed to just tell you everything???? do you want us to buy it for you and put it in your car too???? maybe we could cheaufer you around so you dont have to be bothered by any of the stresses involved with driving....

i know the head swap that your talking about... i know the cars that it comes out of... i also know the stuff you will need to add and convert for it to work in your car....
i also know of another setup that will cost about the same... be a direct drop in... and have as much or more power

but your too lazy to find out any of this information for yourself ... so i have no intention to help you
you why the hell did you take the time to write all that
if anybody else knows anything could you please tell me (and if your gonna be a ASS don't bother puting it on here)
how you word your questions and what you type in turn gives you an answer could be the one you want or the one that you were least waiting for, look the the acticles do a search get off your ass and do something
I am locking this topic, and deleting it soon. If you want reword your question and put some thought into what you asked.
Not open for further replies.