D15B7 Engine/Auto Trans for sale, RUNS PERFECT

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Just swapped out my D15B7 for a B16A. This engine runs excellent and I got around 35 mpgs combined city/highway before I swapped it out. The A/C needs a recharge or something, and it could use a new valve cover gasket and spark plug seals. Other than that it's great. Has new Iridium spark plugs (like that makes a difference right.) Includes most of the sensors, I had to take some for the B16, like the evap purge solenoid, and all of the accessories in good working condition. Also includes the ECU and axles. This would be an excellent engine for someone to replace their burnt out D15, or if you wanted to build a turboed monster for cheap.


I'm looking to get only a couple hundred for the motor, so if someone were to offer me say $200 for it, add on about $350 for shipping I'm guessing, cuz that's what I paid to have my B16 shipped to me from Quebec Canada to Chicago. Also, if you are in the Chicago/Northwest Indiana area and would like to buy it and just pick the damn thing up yourself, that would be perfect, and you'd get the motor on the cheap. It's on a skid, but we can hoist it onto a pickup truck or flatbed if you have one.

PM me if you're interested, I gotta move this thing as quick as possible. Thanks.