D16 INTO D15B Manual Gearbox Conversion

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your post is very well not posty at all... what are u trying to do? put the D15b's gears in the d16 trany?


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Professional help. That's what you need. If you are too lazy to figure it out by searching, then you aren't capable of doing it on your own at all.

Nobody is going to break out the silver spoon and give you all the information. Search for that shit yourself.


Well actually I'm planning to get a manual gearbox for my D15B engine. My D is in AUTO transmisson at this moment. I came across to this D16 Z6 Manual gearbox and I;m wondering either this G/box can fit well in my D15B engine or not...

What else do i need to beside of the G/box???

Ya,I do need a professional help:D:D:D:D