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hey whats going on guys. im thinking about buying a del sol si (94). i was wondering what your opinions are on this car, heres a condensed list of what i would do to the engine if i buy it. jackson supercharger, skunk2 stage 2 cams (with new upgraded skunk two valve components), aem cold air, dc 4-2-1, 2.25 " exhaust no cat, fluidyne radiator.

i just really got into imports after likeing muscle cars my whole life, if you lived in my dads house it was a ford or a chevy. now that ive been in college for a year i think i have done some good research to put together a strong setup so i was just wondering what you guys thought of the car, engine, mods? thanks for any input and anything you think i should do or shouldnt do please feel free to let me know.

Del Sol's rock! Too bad it's not a 93, though--who needs 2 air bags? I wouldn't waste 4K on building a D16Z6. JDM B16A SiR II or B18C1, or B18B, or B18C5, or B16B or--you get the point. Buy the sol and swap a B series in there!
Why does everbody say that the sol's are heavy? They're nearly the size of my lawn mower, I don't know what exactly is weighing it down so much but whatever it is, it's not necessary and can be removed.
thats what im thinking i think the del sol is a fairly light car theres not much weighing it down i dont think
a sol si is 2414 lbs. 200 more than a hatch, 200 less than a teg. people are stupid.
its a bad ass car.

but i agree- do the swap. more value for the money, and d-series tranny's suck ass