D16A9 into 91 zc crx


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i bought 91 zc crx.it had a vtech engine(sir i think) in it with other owner.it was replaced with zc.so i have it.ive put a D16A9 engine into it with L3 gearbox.i have to change front engine mount as it wont sit right. the L.E.D picked up a few problems but we sorted them.there are no faults now.But the engine isnt running right.its over fuelling and running rich through all revs.
Now, with the old zc the cat light was flickering.(i didnt think a zc had a cat,was it the one left in it from the sir engine??)i have it in the garage, they reckon to put a cat on it would solve my problem?any ideas?are there any wiring mods to be done with this swap?i thought it was meant to be a straight swap?thanks everyone.


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To better determine the old engines as being an SiR, did it have Dual Cams or a Single cam? Anywho, I reckon you is using hte wrong ECU. I reckon you should find a ZC ECU for that there car. And also a space come after a period._<--- See the space? Lastly, it's VTEC (HONDA's Variable timing and lift electronic control something similar to that) not VTECH (<--- They makes phones) or VTAK (I have no clue why idiots call it this) or even VITEK (they do however make spark plug wires) or anything else.