D16Y7 bottom D16Z6 head..good idea?

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Ok so I have a 92 honda civic LX that I just bought about a couple months ago..so far it has lowered 4 inches Injen Cold Air Intake...and a new 98 civic DX motor in it...I bought a Z6 motor that I am just taking the Head from and placing it on my DX motor..I port polished it..I need to know if it is worth my effort and will it be a good engine? Thanks for the help
Yes it is worth your effort. What you are doing is called a Mini-Me swap. It will give you a nice little boost. The great thing is that you have a 92 Civic so it is already factory wired for vtec to the ecu (some feel free to correct me if I am wrong) All you need is a z6 head, vtec ecu, and the z6 harness. It is a pretty easy swap.

If you need more info here is a great write up
BTW if you really wanna squeeze more HP out of the NA setup. You could get a thinner head gasket, change the timming a bit, Header, Exhaust, Intake, and a more aggressive cam shaft.
Well the guy I got it from had the D16Z6 in it b4 and the timing belt and water pump went out so he just swapped it with a motor he had bought from a friend (the D16Y7) but he said he like spliced two wires to get the VTEC do you know what he is talking about? my umm ECU thing--under the hood--says P28 on it--o ya and I am going Turbo with it BTW I have a buddy getting me a Turbonetics T3/T4 hybrid turbo kit 16psi for around 2200 so ya not a bad deal lol
my umm ECU thing--under the hood--says P28 on it

ecu thing under the hood??
no, your ecu is inside the car...

if you are going boost you'd be better off using the whole Z6 motor instead of doing the head swap...

mini-me has higher compression than full Z6...

the two wires are the vtec solonoid and the vtec oil pressure sending unit
K thought so I know were the ECU is but its some kind of device under the hood that said P28 on it...ummm and on the compression note ya I know its better to run low compression but the tranny gear on the side of the engine the bolts look grinded down...I really didn't want to find out why lol...but the lower half of the engine I have now is in better condition...the Z6 has a new timing belt and water pump but I dunno...I guess it would be easier huh?
Ok ya so if im gonna be boosting it I should get into piston rings and forged pistons right? anyone know some good brands that I can get for a D16Z6?
I think you are getting too ahead of yourself. It would be better to swap a DOHC motor (b18a/b, zc, b18c, b16a) if you are willing to put the money into internal upgrades.
I am learning as I go...im gonna go to college for auto so im going to learn on my own car first it helps...I know quite a bit now im just trying to get the details on it...I know it would be easier to get a DOHC but I want to boost a SOHC becuase no one around my town has one...I would much rather have a SOHC maybe my 2nd car I will do a DOHC swap to it but Im just trying to get the justs of this stuff....one more question how can you tell what kind a transmission is...I have one sitting in my garage and I forgot what kind it is!!! I think its an SI one but I forgot...
There should be a bar code on it with a letter and two numbers example s40. Hey if you wanna make a sohc slammer go for it :). However I still wouldn't go crazy on internals. Spend the money on a good turbo setup, and in that you will be able to move most of the component to the next car.