D16y7 swap with d17a1

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Rob g

New Member
Please someone tell me what all is needed to work or if worth the trouble.1998 civic lx d16y7 through a rod I found a cheap low mile d17a1 but don't have all wiring harness has coil packs but my distributor looks like it will bolt right up where plug is intake is still on d17 exhaust manifold and alternator bracket are all I see right off that will not work so prob header and interchangeable brack for alternator someone please help I don't want to waste no more time on it than I have already.trans bolted right up but that's as far as I've wentstill haven't installed is it even gonna work or does anyone know a more simple swap
Ok appreciate it pretty much what I have gathered so far from research but it's crazy that motor actually comes with more hp than the d16 but how can u go two yrs and just fuckn totally change everything crazy....i guess I'm on the hunt for a stock motor....
how is the gutless 160hp motor crazy that would cost wayyyy more to install and work than the power gain (makes same hp and less tq than a 1988 obd0 b16a1) , and its from obd2b car and yours is a obd2a , check fb marketplace for a 96-99 d16
but how can u go two yrs and just fuckn totally change everything crazy

I mean, that's kind of how cars work, right? That D17 is from the next generation Civic. Body style changed, suspension changed, new motor, etc.