D16y7 To D16y8

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Okay here it is, my friend has a 96' Dx civic coupe that he recently had a Vtec motor put in, its all installed now and runs fine, but Vtec does not kick in because the guy who did the swap for him didnt know how to hook it up. He has the stock (d16y7) wiring harness hooked up to motor along with the stock (d16y7) ecu. He has the Vtec ECU and wiring harness also though. So am I correct in telling him that all he has to do is unplug the stock wiring harness in each place it connects, find the matching plug on the Vtec wiring harness, and plug it in? Continue until the Vtec wiring harness is plugged in and the stock one isnt. I was pretty sure there are a few wires he has to run himself, or should they be built into the wiring harness? Is that all he has to do to get Vtec working? Also, How easy will this be to do?

Jaime 88dxb18

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I think you can just plug the vtec ecu in and run the wires for the vtec sylinoid and the vtec oil pressure switch....and you may need to re-pin a couple wires on the ecu plug.


either way shioul work. but since you already ahve it hooked up, simply run the extra wires and re-pin where needed.