D16y7 turbo build help

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So I need some opinions and tips, I bought a non running 98 hatchback dx last week. My coworker who i bought it from told me the timing belt broke on him and it has a bent valve and thats why its not running. It also sat in his garage for 2 years before i bought it.

So I, assuming it had a bent valve, took off the cylinder head and it did indeed have bent valves. And i'm going to be ordering a new head and gasket kit within a week. But my original plan was to do a z6 turbo or h22 turbo on this but now i'm thinking that maybe i should just turbo the y7 considering this is my first turbo build. So my budget is 4-6 thousand and i wanted around 250hp reliably. And i was gonna buy an ebay turbo kit, and maybe switch out some of the parts or replace them with better ones after awhile.
I figured i'd have to build the motor in order for it to hold that power reliably. So i was thinking:
Eagle Rods
Low compression Pistons
Port/polish head
ARP Headstuds
600cc injectors

So please let me know if this build would work or if i need to change anything or am missing anything. And please no negativity. Thanks!
I'd first be sure that there was no bottom end damage before using that block again. if the valves bent, they hit something.

The y7 head flows like crap. you'll get much more usable powerband by going with a z6 head swap (mini me) but that comes with the wiring additions. Given your car is a 98, going with a y8 head might be easier and is a little better intake manifold too.

consider your emissions and state rules too when changing obd so you can actually drive the car.
Yeah I was gonna get it running and see how it ran before doing anything with it. And mn isn't strict at all they do zero tests.