D16Y7 Turbo build... it begins...

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Alright, I have done my research, and paid my dues. time to start the build.

Here's the list...so far
DSM T25 turbo
Greddy BOV
Tubular Mani
ARP Head studs
Complete rebuild of the y7 (new bearings, thrust wahsers, etc...)
Vitara low comp pistons
Eagle rods
Tunertoys 550 High Impedence Injectors
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
Gizzmo EBC
Chipped P06 ecu
2.5-3 BAR MAP sensor(not sure where to get this yet...)

So I got the Turbo, BOV, FMIC, FPR, oil lines, and mani on CL for 220 shipped... That was a great find

He is shipping them out Monday, so they shouild arrive tuesday or wed. since im only 1 state over.

ALSO just ordered the Vitara low comp pistons today... those should be here tues. or wed. as well.

I will get pics as soon as they arrive

and Ill keep everyone updated on the build. Thanks for looking.
Hope to get some subc. out of this one

You can not run the vitaras on stock length rods. The Wrist pin height is .060 shorter than a d16/d15 when you run a vitara piston you need to get rods that are .060 longer or have the block decked .060. It is not advised to dect the block that much as you will have timing belt issues and have to make a custom auxilary tensioner. If you look on honda tech there is a company that sells the proper length rod for these pistons. here is a link to my dyno sheet of my turbo y7 Good luck with your build

just dropped the motor at my buddies tonihgt, the tear down will start this weekend... and I also have the pistons coming in... FMIC, BOV, T25, which is up for sale now... and mani. so I will be posting up those pics soon...
ur thinking stock springs? and how much boost are you planning on running and what amount of power do you wanna push
Stock shit breaks at about 225 horse.. Id only run about 6-7 pounds unless you plan on building it more
Stock shit breaks at about 225 horse.. Id only run about 6-7 pounds unless you plan on building it more

where you get your info at i just changed from a 16g@10psi to a sc32@8lbs on my sohc and made 265 at the wheels and all that is done is head studs. its all in the tune there are people over on H-T that have ove 300hp on stock sohc's
It can be VERY reliable. Stock stuff holds up just fine through 250whp and higher.

As far as the original poster (who hasn't posted in 3 months), he's building the engine with Vitara pistons and aftermarket rods. That combo in stock sleeves alone has held over 400whp.
+1 rep for calesta and he never said custom rods but i hope he dosent go forward with stock length eagles and end up with a CR in the 7s