D16Y7 with P75 ECU????

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I just bought a 2000 civic dx and as i was going through everything i noticed that the ecu has a jumper harness and the ecu reads P75...after looking up a P75 ecu it is for an integra...is there any reason why the previous owner would have but a dohc ecu with a sohc..is it possibly chipped???

There is some mods to the car like a msd ignition which i just pulled, skunk 2 intake manifold and cat-back, dc header, and a test pupe. It moves a little bit for a non-vtec single but why the ecu??

Thanks in advance
it could be chipped, but i don't know why they wouldn't of just used the stock p2e ecu. the mods on it certainly don't justify a chipped ecu and tune. does it run fine? is your cel on?
It was running pretty good except for when you first start it is kinda bogs and sumtimes stalls. Then i pulled the msd and put on a new dizzy and it was running fine but now it kinda sluggish. i think the timing is off im gonna check that tomorrow. No cels or anything though... i just wanna know how to time it....do i go off the stock y7 timing or do i adjust it a few degrees?? This shit just makes me wanna get the stock ecu and call it a day i just hope it will run fine off that one.
it should be set to stock timing specs, but i just dont know how that ecu for a dohc b18b is going to run a sohc engine very well. switching to the stock ecu would be the most reliable and easiest thing to do