D16Y8 and H23A1 Long block.. Pics & Rims Added

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Okay I have a COMPLETE D-Series motor for sale (D16Y8). I did put this on another honda forum and got some good responses but nothing like I wanted so we'll try one more time.

Set of FIVE (yes 5) Konig 17" Absolutes (1 brand new): 650 obo

Bare block (including oil pump: SOLD

Pistons: 60 + shipping

6 month old OEM crank (300 miles on it): 100 +shipping

Rods: 75 + shipping

Oil Pan: 30 + shipping

OEM Crank pully: 10 + shipping

O2 Sensors (4 Wire): 1 Sold, still 1 left

Transmission (no grinding.. not sure what series but the one that's on the stock motor, will include 4 month old OEM clutch and starter):SOLD

Intake manifold with TB (OBD I injectors off of B16 SiR II and fuel rail): 50 bucks + shipping

HP Racing header (4-2-1 polished with 1 month old gasket): 50 bucks + shipping

OBD II Dizzy (new ICM installed): SOLD

Axels (no noises and in good shape): 50 bucks + shipping

Shift linkage (no rust): SOLD

ALL A/C parts except compressor: 50 bucks... will sell indvidually also, ask prices

Alternator: 30 bucks + shipping

AEM Underdrive pulleys (power steering and alternator, blue): SOLD

Power steering pump: 20 bucks OBO + shipping

Valves, springs, retainers: 40 bucks + shipping

Stock cam gear: 5 bucks + shipping

Belts: 5 bucks OBO + shipping

Anything else you can think of in or on the motor itself is FORSALE

All of this stuff has a VERY negotiable price on it so let me know and I will see what I can help you with. I don't want a ton of money for this stuff but would like something out of it. Also note that NOTHING has rust on it ANYWHERE. The complete head is also for sale but PM for details. I am also willing to pay for half on shipping on the more heavy items... aka the block, tranny, intake manifold ect.

Forgot to include VTEC selenoid off of D16Y8... 50 bucks OBO.

I now also have for sale an H23A1 long block. Has all sensors, flywheel, starter, oil pan ect. Pretty much same prices for things as above. Will let the whole thing go for 400.

Pics will be up soon, sorry for the delay but needed SD card for the digi. Have had two customers so far that can vouch. I would also like to state that I am pay pal verified and willing to speak with anyone over the phone about parts ect. Below is the link to my verified pay pal account.


How much for this to be shipped to 10151? "AEM Underdrive pulleys (power steering and alternator, blue): 25 bucks, aslo HP Racing header (4-2-1 polished with 1 month old gasket): 50 bucks? Get back to me thanks
Thanks for the bump Russ! Whole package will go for 300... will work with you on shipping. However if you want the whole package you will HAVE to replace the head itself and the cam. Every other part on the motor/tranny are in known good working condition. I will send PM's out to those that need shipping quotes.

By the way my zip code is 67460 if anyone wants to run their own before even asking about prices or parts. :huh:
I'll buy the Aem AEM Underdrive pulleys (power steering and alternator, blue): 25 bucks. Shipping to 10151 how much? Also do you accept paypal? Thanks
Yes I accept Pay Pal and shipping will be in a "Flat Rate Box" from USPS at 7.70 with an extra .45 cents for delivery confirmation. So in total I will need 33.15. I will PM you with the PayPal address you need to send money to. USPS "Flat Rate Box" will have your parts there in 3 days. So if you get me the money within the next hour and a half I can have your parts there by end of Thursday.
Thanks for the business to those who have purchased stuff so far. Still have everything up for grabs on that list except AEM Pulleys. I am willing to part out the block also if someone needs rods/pistions or whatever.
Just a reminder... if you buy something from me please remember to PM me with your ADDRESS before or after sending payment. Also I will NOT ship anything untill I have recieved payment for the parts. I would be more than happy to speak with you on the phone before doing any transaction but I will not ship parts without payment. It's better for the both of us. Like I had stated before... I WILL include a TRACKING NUMBER or DELIVERY CONFIRM number so we both know that the parts left and the parts got there. :thankyousigna2: