d16y8 swap into 92 dx.. need help


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I dont wany any opionions about me doing this swap only anwsers please...

i have a y8 swap and i can get no clear anwsers about this swap, i am going to use my stock dizzy, and i have an ecu from a 94 si manual, and i am ready to do this swap.... i just hear about all this crap about you dont want to go from obd1 to obd2... i just need some clear anwsers about what i need to do please... i have search and searched and found no anwsers.........

thanks Chase


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alright ill help a guy out....well if your gonna use the p28 ecu and your dx dizzy then just convert the engine to obd1....not a bad swap you will be pleased i love my sohc. I think you will have to swap injectors and some stuff to make obd1 just let me know if you need help? or if you need some d-series help check out D-Series.Org im sure all the answers lye there.


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yeah man i realyl need your help........ ill check out, well no i am a member at d-series.org.......... but yeah i got stuff going on tonight but ill talk to you about it tommorow
I just did this swap, ok here is all my knowledge.

a: if you going to use your stock DX harness your going to need to change your injector plugs, alternator plug, and dizzy plug. (its a pain in the ass to do) I dont recomend it.

b: p28 is great!

c: dont use your dx dizzy. its not going to run good at all. use the Y8 dizzy.

d: buy a GSR or LS (96 to 98 ob2) harness, you will be left off with one or two plugs but you will have ob2 connections. you dont even have to worry about your o2 sensor since its already 4 wire on the integra harness.

e: use your stock mounts from the DX change them all!