D16z6 Build Up For Turbo

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OK I have a 92 Civic EX that I want to prep for boost. What would I need to build up? :huh: I'm new here and I need help and direction.

I'm not looking for an overwhelming amount of power. Maybe like 180-200hp to the wheel at about 8lbs of boost. Should I set my sights lower? Couldn't find anything in search but if someone knows about a prior thread could they send a link?

As for the turbo itself I was looking at the Drag kit since it comes with I/C, BOV, Wastegate and all the necessary piping and hardware. But I know I should just go out there and buy one without building up the engine to handle it. Any imput wil be appreciated (I put on my flame suit just in case!) :D

Mike D.
K I checked out the KS website. So they custom build a turbo kit....thats cool, especially with :worthy: Hondata included! . But I want to know what I have to do to build up the engine to handle that added power. Like would I need to upgrade the internals? Or would I be able to run like 7psi of boost with a stock internal engine or what should I look at upgrading? Thanks.

BTW this would be my daily driver and no real track usage. I am sticking with my z6 engine (which has VTEC). Knowing that and the previous posts, what Turbo should i run? I know there is that huge thread in the turbo forum but that was a VTEC/ls argument. This is strictly VTEC! Thanks again.
7-10psi of boost through the rev range without any internal modifications isn't hard to do if you tune it well. I've got several friends pushing 215-220whp on stock internals, boosting 10-12psi through the rev range, and they haven't had any major issues over a pretty long period of time. The only problem they have is not enough power.. they're greedy and want more.


Just make sure your engine is healthy. Perform a compression test, leakdown test etc... if it all checks out ok, boost away.

are there any shops in Socal where I can do these tests? Can I go to smog centers? And I'm not greedy. If I get up to 180 to the wheel I'll be happy! Of course I say this now! Lets see what I say AFTER I boost! Thanks for the help!
I don't know of any places in your area... but any place that works on engines should be able to perform a compression test and a leakdown for you. Hell, you can do it yourself- go to an auto parts store and pick up a good compression gauge to do a compression test (read up on how to do it in a shop manual or something), and go get a leakdown tester. The only problem is that you need a pressurized air line to do the leakdown test.
i have the same car as 4doors4life... i am new to this scene and have no idea about where to start with my car or what is what???like i dont know what a hondata is???how much would it cost to do the setup that 4doors4life is trying to do???can you email me please..blm143@hotmail.com as i do this at home mainly i cannot check this site while at work...thanx