d16z6 going into the rex


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Alright im using the d16 out of the car im parting out. I got everything i need for that but since its an auto im gonna use my hf tranny for now. What axels do i need with that setup.


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if its an HF, use the HF axles. However, I can tell you:


it blows. It will be completely useless. Go to the junkyard and pick up a DX tranny, axles, and hubs, and put those on your car. You will thank me. You might as well not swap if you arn't going to put a decent tranny on the engine.
if you have an hf and use any other tranny you have to change the spindles for the axels...if not you will never get an axel to fit or operate correctly


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thanks the engine is free so im stuck with the tranny for right now...im gonna just get an si tranny get a clutch and flywheel and do it all at once. I dont plan on running it anytime soon so ill make do with it. I was already warned about how shitty it is. But thanks again
Originally posted by Citizen_Insane@May 25 2005, 08:55 PM
with the si tranny you'll need si or dx hubs and axles (just so you know).
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i already said that but there you get another dosage