d16z6 going into the rex

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Alright im using the d16 out of the car im parting out. I got everything i need for that but since its an auto im gonna use my hf tranny for now. What axels do i need with that setup.
if its an HF, use the HF axles. However, I can tell you:


it blows. It will be completely useless. Go to the junkyard and pick up a DX tranny, axles, and hubs, and put those on your car. You will thank me. You might as well not swap if you arn't going to put a decent tranny on the engine.
thanks the engine is free so im stuck with the tranny for right now...im gonna just get an si tranny get a clutch and flywheel and do it all at once. I dont plan on running it anytime soon so ill make do with it. I was already warned about how shitty it is. But thanks again