D16z6 Head On A D15a3 Block?possible?

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I came across mini-me setups for crx si's but only on the 2nd gens.
I was wondering is it possible to do this on a 1st gen?
If so what is the difference in swaps if any?
I do know this the 87 is 1500cc ,the 88-91's are 1600cc and the heads come off of 1600cc engines but i always hear of b18 heads on b20 blocks so is this possible?
Given the fact that their all d series engines should'nt they all match up? :blink:
Not to familiar with a 87 or older CRX, but it should work...It works on any D15 on a 2g rex, 4g civic, or 5g civic. Basically, you need everything involved with the head--complete head, distributor, intake manifold, P28 ECU, wiring harness, Z6 timing belt. For more knowledgeable information about a 2 rex, check out http://www.geocities.com/teampimports/svtec.html
virtually any D series non-VTEC engine can be converted to a mini-me with one of the D series VTEC heads.... you will run into different wiring issues depending on the year and model of the car that you are putting the setup into...

so in almost any case the answer to the question: "can i make a mini-me out of ________?"... is yes
Cool, thanks so I guess by what you're telling me is it is possible to do the swap.
However do I have to use the ecu from the head I plan to install?
Yes I'm thinking since it is v-tec I would need a computer to run it true?
you won't need the computer for the head but you will have to wire for v-tec and tap some lines and things of that nature........you could use a v-afc from apexi.....but with the sohc i don't think it will be necessary...(waist of money).
you dont need the ECU that matches the head... but it is a good idea to use it... otherwise your fuel map will be wrong and shit like that.... get a P28 they are pretty cheap