D16Z6 help

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stage 3 crower cam
crower springs
crower valves
skunk2 retainers
skunk2 cam gear
arias 11:5:1 pistons

Eagle rods
APR bolts/studs
Stock seal and valve guides

do i need a block guard?
other than fuel management and tb and intake mani
what else should i invest on
and don't be wiseasses and say turbo
[For IM, I'd sugest the Skunk2 with a B-Series TB, port match the IM to the TB.

so buy a skunk2 intake manifold for a D Series and the B-series throtle body should fit it?? or will it have to be machined to fit??
so should i go with like an edelbrock or skunk2 throttle body

RIGHT now im just buying all the parts for the motor
i got a guy who's doin everything for 800$
he gonna port n polish the head, mill 30th's , 3 angle valve job, machine rods 2 fit pistons, and put the sleeves in.