D16Z6 in 90 hb swap just finished, timing question


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Just finished my D16z6 swap in my 90 hb runing all Pm6 ecu dis and intake.
I have my stock timing gear timmed good but, next week im installing an AEM ajustable cam gear, im wondering what i should set my timing at, should i advance the ignition timing too ???
what will get the me the best power out of my motor, and will this affect reliability??

Vtec rules!!!!!!!!!


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as a general rule, you would want the timing (dist) advanced, and the cam retarted. but if it were me, i would set the cam gear to stock, and go to a dyno to find the best setting.


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advice...sell aem gear, but skunk 2, str, or something with at least 5 bolts. aems fuck people over, they are WAY too adjustable, and are too prone to slipping with only 3 bolts.