d16z6 into 99 EK

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Ok I have just done this swap. I have got a p28 ecu and an obd2b to obd1 conversion harness. I cant get the car to start. It seems I am not getting the fuel pump to come one.

If I put my stock ecu back in the pump comes on and I can get the car to start. Although this ecu dosn't have vtec so it wont work right for the new motor. As soon as plug the other one back in no fuel pump. The obd1 ecu fuel pump relay is pin a7. This is running to pin a15 on my civic's harness. I am getting 10volts there.

Any help on this would be great.

I had the exact same problem on my 1997 CX when I put in a D16z6 a couple years back. It was an ignition problem. If you take a look at the 6 prong plug going to your ignition, you'll see there are 3 pins in a triangle formation.
[-][ ][-]
[ ][-][ ]
I had to flip the triangle upside down
[ ][-][ ]
[-][ ][-]
After that it fired right up after nearly a month of messing around with a multimeter.
I was getting 11.9V to the coil and my fuel pump would not click on. I kept swapping in different main relays and coils and nothing made a difference
I hope this is all it is on your car, but if not it may be a starting point as it sounds like an ignition problem.


6 prong plug is for 6 wires but only has three. they are in a triangle formation. move the outside up and the middle to the bottom
Thanks for that. I ended up running a switched feed off the fuse box to the fuel pump relay and it worked. But I may go back now and check this option out.